Have you seen our new Wigglekit? It is called “MyWigglekit” and was created as a solution for families, clinics, and schools who are looking for a personal kit for kids to help keep germs at bay. During the time of COVID, many clients have been asking for personalized kits with common products that a child will need for the school year so they do not need to share items with their peers. This kit has everything you’ll need to work on fine motor skills, including:

  • Basic personal supplies (pencils, markers, paper, stickers, crayons etc.)
  • Specialty therapy items including: click beads and putty to work on finger strength
  • Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set to get those little hands working
  • A lined white-board kit to work on printing and letter placement
  • Our OT Fine Motor Grasp Kit including pegs, tongs, pompoms, beads, pipe-cleaners and wikki-stix
  • Reinforcer toys such as our squishy frog, smiley hopper, boink bouncer, popper and spinner that will help your child stay engaged during work and play

Bulk pricing is available if you’re looking for a solution for you classroom or clinic. Check out MyWigglekit here!