With everyone walking a fine line of home-schooling, social distancing and everything else that has our stress levels to the max, we thought we’d share some of our favourite apps to help educate and relieve some of the guilt some folks feel about screen time. Doesn’t count if they’re learning, right?!

This week on Instagram and Facebook, we shared a few of these apps. There are so many wonderful educational apps available, and the list can be overwhelming. Our OT has put together a list of her favourite apps that she uses in her clinic all the time! 

  • Choiceworks – This app is designed to create visual schedules and First/Then boards. Our OT uses it in her clinic to help her clients organize and plan their time, make choices and transition between activities. It comes with stock photos, or you can take your own photos to customize.
  • Letter School: This app uses a developmental sequence to learn how to correctly form letters and numbers. It has options to work on upper case, and lower case letters. It uses fading prompts to increase your child’s independence and skill. It is filled with beautiful visuals and sounds to keep your child engaged. Pro-OT tip: use a stylus to work on grasp while learning correct letter formation. WiggleKids carries an OT approved stylus here.
  • Super Stretch Kids Yoga: This fun, and very child-friendly yoga app is great to incorporate some movement and deep breathing into your day. Our OT often uses this as a movement break during therapy sessions with her clients.
  • Balloonimals: This app allows the user to ‘blow up’ a balloon animal, interact with the animal and then pop it! Our OT uses this app to work on social thinking concepts such as “making a smart guess” and also incorporates fine motor skills by having the child us a stylus when playing.

Keep on wiggling!