What are our Sensory Systems?

Today we wanted to share a brief intro into our different sensory systems, and over the coming weeks, we will be posting more in-depth blogs about how these sensory systems work, and how they affect our ability to thrive in this sensory world of ours!

Can you name all of our sense? We’ll give you a hint…there’s more than five! I bet you can name these ones:

  1. Visual (Sight)
  2. Auditory (Hearing)
  3. Olfactory System (Smell)
  4. Gustatory System (Taste)
  5. Tactile System (Touch)

But we also have 3 other senses that aren’t often talked about, but have a HUGE impact on how we function in the world:

  1. Proprioceptive System (sensations from muscles and joints)
  2. Vestibular System (sense of movement in space)
  3. Interoception (sensations related to the physiological/physical condition of the body)


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We loooove talking about Sensory Systems (our OT is a bit of a geek that way!). We look forward to teaching and learning with you! Stay tuned for our next post about the bodily system that controls how we experience sensations from our muscles and joints. Bonus points if you already identified that as the Proprioceptive System!