3 Step Grip Training Kit


This 3-grip kit will help your child work towards a functional grasp when printing: decreasing hand fatigue, increasing pencil control, and ensuring good finger/hand ergonomics. The kit includes: The Crossover Grip, The Pinch Grip & The Pencil Grip.
Categories: Fine Motor

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If your child is working on developing a more mature grasp, then this is the kit for you! The 3 different grips in this kit work towards achieving a tripod grasp, which is the optimal grasp to give good control and ensure biomechanical stress is not placed on the finger joints.
. Begin with The Crossover Grip for training; wings prevent fingers from crossing over. Transition with The Pinch Grip which balances structure with freedom. Finally, graduate with The Pencil Grip which provides comfort & control and is great for extended use.