Lava Tiles – 4 Pack


These cool liquid floor tiles are a wonderful sensory tool for your home, clinic or classroom! Kids love how the colour changes when you step on the tile. The visual input is mesmerizing, and kids love working on the gross motor skills when jumping onto the mat. They are made of a very durable material that will provide endless fun! This kit comes with four Lava Tiles.

Each of these unique tiles is filled with the perfect match of colour and liquid to create an astonishing display of bubbles, streams, and pools that react to your footsteps.

  • Encourages cause-effect learning, sensory exploration, calmness
  • Colour, design, and play combine into one astonishing experience
  • Perfect for the playroom, living room, clinic, classroom or anywhere you want
  • Tiles measure 19.5 x 19.5 inches
  • Tiles are abrasion-resistant, durable, leak-proof with a non-toxic cosmetic liquid inside

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