Learning Lace Skill Board


Lace up new skills! Kids get a hands-on introduction to letters, shapes, and numbers with the Learning Laces Skill Boards from Learning Resources. Each of the set’s three durable lacing cards is packed with toddler lacing activities – practice lacing shapes in a colorful street scene, travel towards new letter skills in an airplane, boat, or car, and head to the farm to count up the one barn, two hay bales, and three smiling ducks. These fun illustrations keep kids’ attention while they thread the set’s lacing laces through the holes in the lacing cards, building new fine motor skills as they go. Learning Laces Skill Boards includes nine durable lacing laces, so kids never have to remove laces from one board to complete the activities on another! Perfect for rainy days, long car rides, or just because, Learning Laces Skill Boards store flat for easy clean-up and on-the-go play.

Our OT loves this game as it works on bilateral integration: Using both sides of the body in a coordinated way. This is a precursor skill for many self-care activities such as dressing, eating and shoe-lace tying. 

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