Aquapod Lagoon


This water filled pod will provide a unique tactile experience for your child! Work on gross motor skills as your child jumps, rolls and chases the fish on the vibrant colourful pod. It is portable and can be placed anywhere in your backyard. For ages 3 and up.

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This unique water pod is visually stimulating with 12 floating plastic fish inside. Just fill it up with your hose and let the fun begin! Stimulate your child’s tactile senses and let them explore the different sensations as they roll, jump and crawl on this vibrant blue pod!

  • Crafted of sturdy vinyl, it includes 12 colorful “large” fish inside. Fill with a standard garden hose!
  • Outer water-filled channel maintains lagoon’s shape and holds water inside pool base
  • Adult setup and supervision required
  • It is not recommended to leave AquaPods on grass for an extended period of time
  • Categories: Sensory, Tactile, Gross Motor

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