I have been an OT for 13 years, and have focused on pediatrics for more than half of my career. I love working with kids! I primarily work with kids on the Autism Spectrum, and often recommend equipment/toys to help with their development. I started to see a trend in that parents had difficulty finding and purchasing some of the recommended equipment as it is very overwhelming once you start down the therapy-toy ‘rabbit hole.’ <!–more Read more–>

I also noticed that parents often didn’t know how to play with these toys in a therapeutic way with their child. A seed of an idea started to grow. What if I started a company that could offer my ‘tried-and tested’ therapy toys all in one place? These are the toys that I have seen time and time again to be fun, 100% kid approved, and have a huge impact on meeting therapy goals. What if I provided videos and ‘Smart-tips’ to give parents visuals and ideas of how to play? As the seed of thought grew, an opportunity arose to start an on-line therapy store with my family: Something we have always dreamed of doing together and WiggleKids was born.

We have a passion for family and a passion in helping kids reach their potential. We couldn’t be more excited to be offering this service to our community and to be starting this business as a family-run, local, Canadian company.

We hope we can meet some of your therapy toy needs. Have fun and keep playing!