The task of acquiring tools, toys and equipment to support your child’s needs can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the work for you!

Our WiggleKits are pre-packaged kits of our Therapist Recommended products for various needs. Each WiggleKit contains key toys to achieve goals in specific areas (eg. fine motor skills), and some of our kits incluide WiggleTips guide with original, fun ideas of how to use the equipment with a goal-directed approach.

Fine Motor WiggleKit – $49.99

Fine Motor skills control the precision of muscle movements in the body, and involve the coordination of muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists.

Children can often struggle to use their hands functionally when they have a delay in their fine motor development. They may have challenges dressing, printing/handwriting, using scissors or using feeding utensils.

From a therapy perspective, we want to target and develop your child’s core fine motor skills like: Grasping, Strength, Dexterity, In-Hand Manipulation, and Bilateral Integration Skills.

The Standard Kit includes:

  • Wood spin tops
  • Wind up Hopping Smiley Face
  • Stickers
  • Construction Paper
  • Foam Craft Sheets
  • Prism Pencils with Gel Grips
  • Gator Grabber & Clothes Pegs
  • Pompoms
  • Wooden Beading Kit with Pipecleaners
  • Crayola Dough
  • Mini Wood Rolling Pin
  • Spring Loaded Scissors
  • Therapy Putty
  • Playskool Markers
  • Triangle Grip Crayons
  • Jumbo Glitter Poppers

The Deluxe Kit includes ($95.99):

  • Everything from the basic Fine Motor Kit plus:
    • Neon Glowpad Animator
    • Stretchy Mice & Cheese
    • Wikki Stix
    • Screwits Pencil Toppers
    • White Board Kit with Marker & Eraser

Reinforcer WiggleKit – $39.99

The toys in this kit are the types of items many therapists use to motivate and reward hard work and success. You will have no difficulty gaining your child’s attention when you pull out the Reinforcer WiggleKit. The items in this kit are highly motivating and fun! You will find a variety of items that appeal to many different ages and senses. Light-up toys, squishy toys and goo, Oh My!

This Kit includes:

  • Mini Galactic Putty
  • Wind Up Hopping Smiley
  • Light Up Suction Ball
  • Friction Powered Animal Cars
  • Light Up Spin Top
  • Water Arcade Game
  • Jumbo Glitter Poppers
  • Fun Bubbles Kit
  • Fibre Optic Laser Fingers
  • Mini Spectra Globe
  • Mesh Squish Ball
  • Splat Ball
  • Fidget Spinner

Fidget WiggleKit – $24.99

Does your child have difficulty sitting still and focusing during class? Many children benefit from having a tool to help them focus. The Fidget WiggleKit has a variety of fidget toys to help increase self-regulation and attention. These tools can also help decrease anxiety, and provide calming tactile and proprioceptive input to the body.

This Kit includes:

  • Mini Galatic Putty
  • Squishy Owl
  • Mesh Squish Ball
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Wacky Tracks
  • Glitter Water Baton
  • Screwits Pencil Toppers

Tactile WiggleKit – $44.99

Many children struggle in processing tactile input. This can be seen in seeking behavior in which they seek out this type of input by constantly trying to gain input to their hands, and mouths (where a higher density of tactile receptors reside). Or by avoiding tactile input, which is seen in children who dislike activities such as hair-cuts, finger nail trimming, finger painting and walking barefoot. Some children with tactile sensitivity may also have aversions to different types/textures of food and be picky about the clothing they can wear.

This kit has a variety of items that provide different types of tactile input to help provide the sensory feedback your child is seeking. Or give you tools to help your child better process tactile input so they can have a more functional response to the sensory input we receive every day!

This Kit includes:

  • Diggin’ Bugs Dirt Kit
  • Chicken & Egg Squish
  • Stretch to Go Critters
  • Sand Alive! & Jungle Animal Sand Mold
  • Galactic Ooze
  • Mini Galatic Putty
  • Colourful Crawly
  • Squeeze Banana
  • Squishy Owl
  • Handheld Vibrating Massager

Oral Motor WiggleKit – $24.99

This kit is designed for the child who is working on developing their oral motor skills and functional response to oral input. This could be the child who is a picky eater and has increased sensitivity to different textures. Or the child who does not like having their teeth brushed. This kit also has tools to work on skills such as sucking through a straw and blowing bubbles or whistles.

This Kit includes:

  • Pustefix Bubble Bear
  • Nuby Section Feeding Plate (4 Pack)
  • Krazy Straws
  • Whistles
  • 3 Sided Therapy Toothbrush

On the Road Fidget Kit – $29.99

The on the road fidget kit is great for families on the go. The items in this kit help your child self-regulate in the car or in new environments. This kit comes in an adorable animal backpack for easy transport!

This Kit includes:

  • Animal Backpack
  • Wacky Tracks
  • Squishy Owl
  • Water Arcade Game
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Chicken & Egg Squish